Your path to a secure future

Future analysis

  • What is the current situation of your company?
  • What are the challenges and tasks you are currently facing?
  • In which areas do you need support?

KPI (Key Performance Indicator): We define metrics that can measure the performance of activities within your company.

PIS (Performance Indicator System): Developed by ProGemma, the system aims to systematically assess the target acceptance of specialists and managers for the current challenges within your company. The goal is to gradually and specifically enhance these in all areas.

Here, we consider all facets of Lean Management, from organizational structures to the entire order fulfillment process.

Here, the results (Steps 1-3) are explained, and specific sub-projects are formulated together.

We will be happy to provide you with alternative proposals for future analyses in a personal conversation.

Future shaping

All employees will be informed about the project to be able to address any potential questions.

Now, the project team is being formed, and roles are being assigned.

Employees at all levels are supported to achieve the set objectives.

Simple methods tailored to your circumstances will be trained, and immediately implemented in practice together. Agility for us means acting goal-oriented, collaboratively, and situationally (German: ZiPaSio).

Quick wins are realised immediately.

We provide support for specific challenges through active coaching at all levels.

Future security

Not only short-term but also sustainable, long-term success is crucial. Especially with continuous training throughout the entire project duration, you ensure success for your company. A systematic productivity enhancement system is firmly in place, guaranteeing growth and returns.