Sustainability at ProGemma – Fostering sustainable transformation

Sustainable action is not just a buzzword for us, but a lived practice. We lead by example because sustainability is a matter close to our hearts. At the same time, we support our customers in developing and implementing sustainable strategies. Together, we create a secure and sustainable future.

Martin F. Schmidt | Managing Partner / CEO

Are you wondering why sustainability is important in management consulting? The demands for companies to focus more on environmental, social, and governance aspects are increasing.

As a result, more and more executives are turning to management consulting firms. Since sustainability must be embedded in corporate strategy, deep expertise and industry experience are essential to effectively support clients in this area.

At ProGemma Management Consulting, sustainability means integrating ethical, ecological, and social aspects into our advisory services. We guide and advise companies on their path to sustainability. As sparring partners, we facilitate strategy processes and collaboratively develop business strategies. We employ creative and analytical workshop formats, impart learning concepts, and share knowledge through training sessions and workshops, among many other services.

Sustainable Consulting Approaches

Developing sustainable business strategies means creating sparring partnerships to identify and reduce environmental impacts and promote social responsibility. We pave the way to enhance Corporate Social Responsibility across the entire value chain. Thanks to this agile and flexible approach, we can ensure long-term economic success for our clients.

Internal Sustainability

We practice sustainability in our own consulting activities by reducing paper usage and utilizing energy-efficient sources. By increasing the use of virtual communication tools, we minimize travel and offset CO2 emissions. When travel is necessary, we form carpool groups to reduce environmental impact. We embrace social responsibility because we understand the effects our actions have and will have on society and the environment.

Qualification and Training

Sustainable business practices involve much more than making minor adjustments. We train our employees in sustainability through innovation workshops to collaboratively develop new strategies and solutions for you. A healthy team spirit is crucial for a company’s success as it impacts employee motivation and retention, reflecting our commitment to social responsibility and ethical business conduct. This also enables us to effectively and sustainably advise and support our clients.

Reporting and Transparency

Sustainability reporting is a crucial part of our corporate responsibility. We provide transparent reports on our sustainability aspects, actions, and behaviors. By leading by example in sustainability, we can strengthen customer trust and serve as a role model in the industry.

We believe that integrating sustainability into management consulting helps create long-term value for companies, positively influences society, and contributes to achieving global sustainability goals.

Sustainability Consulting – Are you ready for the change?