The basis of our success is doing – especially in these times when COVID-19 has a major impact on all our lives.

Dear entrepreneurs, managing directors and executives,

the corona virus not only endangers our health, but has also caused many companies to find themselves in serious economic difficulties – and the end is not yet in sight.

We are well acquainted with serious crises of our customers and have always supported them in word and deed even in challenging situations, and this as experts in the field of restructuring and reorganisation for over 30 years.

Every crisis, be it a liquidity crisis, leadership crisis, innovation crisis or organisational crisis, also offers a great opportunity for the company.
Sometimes they also force “cherished” processes, views and behaviours to be completely rethought and changed for the better.

Our approach: Credits alone can at most provide short-term relief, but holistic measures to increase efficiency and reduce costs are unavoidable for sustainability. We stand for rapid implementation with the involvement of all employees, so that the positive economic successes can also be realised and measured in the short term.

We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you by phone or video conference.

Your management of ProGemma
Martin F. Schmidt