Setting up your internal academy / e-learning
(Blended Learning)

Design and implementation of your academy / e-learning (blended learning)

An academy is not an end in itself. It serves the systematic and individual development of your employees and your customers with regard to your products, processes and methods as well as your culture. ProGemma has extensive experience in the establishment and structuring of training academies. We design training series individually tailored to your needs for classroom training, online training and practical modules (shop floor workshops).

A survey at the Learntec trade fair revealed why e-learning as a component of an internal academy has not yet been used to a greater extent by companies. One of the main reasons is the fear of implementation, but also other factors such as costs, lack of trust and lack of consulting.

Another point that is criticised by many respondents is the oversupply of learning content. This is where ProGemma comes in. We give you an insight into the possibilities of e-learning and give you comprehensive advice on e-learning software, the creation of learning content and the execution of e-learning trainings.

  • Design and implementation of an internal academy for knowledge transfer.
  • Holistic knowledge management through the implementation of a knowledge database, or the networking of an existing database with a software tool via interface.
  • Support in the selection of the appropriate e-learning and knowledge management software.
  • Constant monitoring and optimisation of the training quality, as well as learning target checks.
  • Optimal support in all phases: From the determination of training needs to the finished learning content.
  • Possible combinations of classroom training and e-learning – both in terms of content and practical relevance.
  • Digital innovations such as serious games, storytelling and explanatory videos individually created.

We have successfully carried out numerous consulting, change and implementation projects for (large) medium-sized companies. We do not regard e-learning as a separate, isolated project, but rather as a valuable and extremely efficient tool for supporting the strategic corporate goals.

The education concept of ProGemma is based on decades of experience in adult education. Change processes in staff development are closely linked with the topics of knowledge management and pedagogy. Depending on the needs of the company (further development of individuals, training in small groups, duration, time, place and budget) we combine e.g. workshops and seminars with the possibilities offered by e-learning.

The playful communication of learning content is achieved through serious games. We work closely with our partners to generate interactive games that are optimally tailored to various learning contents.

For example, Serious Games can be used for recruiting or for the visual communication of learning content.

For explaining factual contexts or as an image film: storytelling is the optimal instrument for presentation within the blended learning world. The customer is addressed emotionally and content is not transmitted in a boring way.

It is often unclear who in the company should structurally create the knowledge database, as employees are usually already busy with their other tasks. However, this fear is unfounded, as there are already mature knowledge databases that a company can use systemically. These transfer employee data automatically into the database via interfaces of existing SAP, PPS or ERP systems.

The expenditure of time is low, since the maintenance of the knowledge database is also largely automated. The knowledge database is holistic in that it can be handled by every employee in a cross-departmental and uncomplicated manner without lengthy training. An integrated search function enables quick access to the data. It is crucial that the relevant data is recorded in a reproducible, i.e. reusable, manner.

Organisation-specific know-how and corporate memory

In practice, the knowledge database provides support, for example, in routine questions about operational or customer-specific processes and special features. Being able to retrieve these easily saves a lot of time and helps to avoid errors and mistakes. In the second step, the practical added value in the process is used to generate the business benefit.

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