Project/ Portfolio Management

Enterprises do have long-term goals. To realize these goals numerous programs and projects have to be managed recovered in the so called enterprise portfolio.

Portfolio Management / Multiproject Management

This is the cross-sectoral planning, monitoring, coordination and control of multiple projects of an organization development through corporate management.

Once within an organizational unit multiple projects are carried out at the same time, one speaks of a multi-project management which has to perform the following tasks:

  • Coordination of the projects with the cross-project management tasks such as the quality management
  • Solution of conflicts over resources
  • Coordination of the dependencies of individual projects
  • Identification of synergies

Project Management

We support you in the realization of your projects.

The implementation of an efficient project management system is an essential success factor ensuring the objectives of the projects and thus also basis for a successful strategy implementation.

In practice a large scale of all projects do not end within the planned cost and time frame. The reasons are many and varied. We support our customers for many years in a reliable and pragmatically way – from objective to implementation. Many a time it comes to “Fire Service Operations”, in case of projects losing control.

Organization Structure

Change processes require a permanent alignment of the organizational structure.

Basically two types of changes are differentiated – into the execution and/or the process orientated organizational structure. A special positon occurs during so called post-merger-integration process due to merger & acquisitions. In addition to fighting for best position it accrues the necessity to merge processes and systems as well as defining roles and responsibilities introducing a cultural integration at the end.

Project Management Office (PMO)

A PMO is a special department responsible for the creation, execution and development of the project management system in a business enterprise.

Furthermore a PMO might have additional authorities and responsibilities for the project portfolio management as well as the program management. There is no unambiguous definition for PMO available.

We support project managers actively performing their functional and leadership tasks.

Task on operational level

  • Harmonization of project management for the whole enterprise
  • Steering and analysis of interdependencies between project
  • Contentual dependencies
  • Redundancies
  • Synergies
  • Resource conflicts
  • Objectivity and transparency

Task on strategic level

  • Alignment of all projects on the basis of company goals and setting the right priorities per project

Business Development

In our understanding business development is not a ‚one off‘-activity but a continuous improvement process.

Our utilized methodology is based on the evaluation of sales markets and its marketing opportunities, business sector analysis of customers and competitors, initiation of business activities as well as generation of business plans and development of business models.

Typical task of business development

  • Analysis of markets and potentials
  • Determination of target markets and potential cooperation partners
  • Contribution to the development of strategy of divisions
  • Design and coordination of business processes
  • Design of contract terms and conditions for cooperation
  • Securing continuous contacts with all partners
  • Securing continuous cooperation of all divisions in case of acquisition
  • Business Development

Change Request Management

As experience teaches there is a need for changes during the execution of programs and projects, the so called Change Requests.

We have gained the experience during several inventories that an insufficient Change Request Management is one of the major reasons for the failure of projects.

Change Request Management consists of standardized documentation, appraisal and handling of customers’ changing requirements during the execution of projects.

Software Support

In today’s world there are more than 500 solution available looking for project management software – tendency increasing.

The offered products are becoming more and more sophisticated. The trend of the market develops into highly sophisticated multi-project management packages, offering besides project management and portfolio management a collaborative cooperation of the project team.

The final goal for the application of a PM-software should be based on standardized processes for projects and portfolios leading to useful multi project analysis.

Thus at the end of the day all the introduction of PM-software is at the same time an organizational project where the software plays an important component.

A systematically selection, following the pm-process and the pm-mythology, tends to be inevitable.

ProGemma stands by your side as a partner to fulfill this selection in a successful manner.  The acceptance of your future users is the key-factor for the successful usage of the PM-software. If this factor should not be taken into account during the introduction of the PM-tool, it will capsize the whole project – based on ProGemma experience.

The tool will never be used to its full extend or even rejected.

Together we will determine the Key-factors, influencing the acceptance, before we start with the selection of the software.

Our consultants are specialized in training measures for management software solutions from the house of Triskell and Smartsheet.

We are looking forward to integrating further software solution at your esteemed company after consultation of our IT experts.