Project Management

Project management: the basis for success

We have expertise from more than 300 successfully completed projects.

The holistic approach with which we serve our customers is unique! We support the project teams in all phases of your project, ensure transparency, a high quality standard – professionally, organisationally and strategically – in all tasks until the goal is achieved. We never lose sight of the details. In short: With us at ProGemma you will achieve your goals sustainably.

  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork at all levels in order to achieve the set goals together more quickly and efficiently.
  • Simplified control of projects via multi-device solutions (desktop, tablet, smartphone) independent of time and place.
  • Significant improvement of the decision-making basis through greater transparency at all levels (advisory board, board of directors, management, project management and project team).
  • Standardisation of processes as the basis for sustainable efficiency and to ensure quality.
  • Creation of synergies in the various projects by taking interdependencies into account (with project management office if necessary).

As soon as several projects are carried out simultaneously within an organisational unit, one speaks of multi-project management, which must fulfil the following tasks:

  • Coordination of the projects with the cross-project management tasks, such as quality management
  • Resolving resource conflicts
  • Coordination of dependencies of individual projects (interdependency analysis)
  • Identification of synergy effects

It does not matter, which method you use in a project. What matters most is that goals are achieved from an ethical, moral and economic point of view. The credibility of a project essentially depends on the communication (internal and external) with which people are inspired or motivated.

Whether it makes sense to set up a Project Management Office depends on how many projects, with what complexity, are carried out in parallel and in total per year in your company. The decisive factor is transparency, as well as setting and adhering to standards. This makes projects efficient and effective. In many companies, many projects are carried out simultaneously without looking at the form of interdependencies (dependencies) among each other. In addition, many projects are not completed comprehensively, project teams dissolve without appreciating the results and thus without learning from them.

The decision as to whether an agile or a waterfall project is involved depends on which type of project is involved. We at ProGemma help you to set up your projects in the right way – from initiation to completion.

In practice, however, it is hybrid forms that come to fruition.

As the subject of controlling is often confused with “control”, many participants see it in practice as an unnecessary or inhibiting instrument. Instead, we need a controlling element so that changes can be reacted to promptly. We provide you with demand-oriented support.

There are hundreds of project management software tools in the business world. The performance of these systems is not transparent for most companies.

ProGemma relies on nationally and internationally recognised standards in project management. The acceptance of the project participants depends mainly on the user-friendliness of the system. ProGemma attaches great importance to this. If the programme is based only on control and documentation (culture of mistrust), experience shows that acceptance is low.

Here you get an insight into our portfolio.

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