Organisational Development

Organisational Development

Structural and process organisation in harmony

Since the middle of the 20th century, many specialists have been dealing with the issues surrounding organisational development. The ability to bring about serious organisational changes and thus to adapt to ever-changing environmental conditions ensures the long-term survival of companies.

To this extent, crises or extreme situations can promote the innovative ability and development processes of companies. However, anyone who wants to establish changes in the culture of an organisation in a sustainable manner must actively involve employees in the process and inspire them to embrace change.

  • Existing structures and processes are changed permanently.
  • Organisational development by loosening up, sliding over and consolidating existing conditions.
  • Tactical approach through the paradigm shift: top-down and
  • Constant change in an agile organisation is taken into account.

An agile organisation is characterised by an alternative way of thinking towards the future. The entire organisation is future-oriented and open to innovation. However, such an organisational form requires a high level of target acceptance and a culture of participation.

We help you step by step to make your organisation agile.

The bottom-up principle was established by “Ernst & Young” and the “New York Times”. The tactical approach of starting the change process “from below” – from the employee – “upwards” – into the top management – is mainly due to the practical approach of the lower levels.

The consultants of ProGemma help you to implement change processes. This topic is very strongly linked to the assumption of responsibility by your employees.

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