Innovation Management

Innovation for products, technology and processes

Holistic innovation management

We are lateral thinkers and provide innovative solutions with our professional expertise. The employees in your company are also a source of ideas that should not be underestimated and to which great importance must be attached. Our approach “experience, understand, act” brings the innovation process to the point.

  • Collaborations and interactions in a team: innovation as teamwork.
  • Process optimisation through CIP sources with quality as top priority.
  • Problem solving strategies as a first step for innovation management.
  • Innovations are efficiently implemented through simultaneous engineering.
  • Rapid evaluation and implementation of ideas proposed by your employees from practical experience.

Foster a culture of innovation, as it is becoming increasingly important because it is crucial for innovation productivity and innovation success. Innovations are made by people.

Land of inventors and thinkers. Cornerstones:

  • Beeing allowed (create free space)
  • Can (learn and master innovation methods)
  • Wanting (intrinsic motivation through special stimuli).

Kaizen is neither a method nor a tool, but a way of thinking that all employees should internalise and implement in their activities.

Kaizen is a collection of simple principles for improving work. But Kaizen is also a management philosophy that has revolutionised the way many companies think and act: Every employee should constantly critically examine his or her activities and workplace and continuously improve the way he or she works.

Continuous improvements in small steps and systematic management for larger innovation leaps complement each other in the pursuit of further development and excellence. It is important to learn consciously from mistakes and problems, “to give chance to chance for an idea”.

Solving problems requires a clear definition of objectives. If a problem is not only discussed in an abstract space, but experienced in its own perspective – e.g. in the shop floor – understanding and common approaches to solutions can be developed in an exchange with all those involved.

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