Increasing efficiency, productivity & profitability

Increase your efficiency, productivity and profitability

Recognizing and promoting potential

The best way is to first involve the employees in the search for improvement potential – as early as the stocktaking stage. ProGemma has already proven this through its expertise in many successful projects across industries. Every company has its own challenges, therefore we develop individual solutions together with your employees.

From process optimisation to digital transformation, we help you to recognise and sustainably make use of your own resources and potentials.

  • Reduction of waste in all areas along the value chain.
  • We create winners at all levels by involving all stakeholders and setting a good example.
  • We promote cross-departmental thinking and action through our holistic approach.
  • Through openness and straightforwardness in the project we give new perspectives.
  • Improving intercultural communication, e.g. through pictograms and simple graphics.
  • Rapid amortisation of consulting costs through pragmatic, rapid implementation of the agreed objectives.
  • Everything from a single source: from efficiency increase, to reorganization and restructuring (incl. IDW S6 assessment)

Process optimisation in organisations and companies ensures that the efficiency and effectiveness of existing business, production and development processes and the use of the resources required for these processes are continuously improved (in particular with the help of IT tools).

Who does not know the empirical 10 rule? From planning, product development, work preparation, product manufacturing, final testing and product use, costs increase by a factor of 10 in each case. The sooner an error in the system is detected and permanently eliminated, the greater the savings potential.

We support you and your company in the successful basic orientation of corporate quality management, the development of a successful, holistic quality philosophy, the introduction of quality-driven improvement programmes (e.g. Kaizen, Lean Management, error prevention) through to the development of modern, integrated management systems.

In many companies, the factory layout has moved significantly away from the original planning through additions and adjustments over time through new investments and conversions. Thus, most projects in factory planning are not new plans but restructuring measures, so that at least a site planning is largely omitted.

The rough and detailed planning is based on the requirements from the ideal layout.

In the case of new planning, in practice the location and development planning often take place in parallel with the rough planning, even if this does not represent an optimal planning procedure. Since the site/development planning is lengthy, but the rough layout is bottom-up, both planning processes can be carried out in parallel.

Together with your employees we plan the processes and define criteria for the evaluation.

The requirements for the procurement of a company are manifold. Short product life cycles, increasing product variety and complexity, and the growing globalisation of supply chains require efficient procurement management, the use of effective procurement methods and companies’ involvement with new concepts such as Purchasing 4.0, Supplier Integration and Risk Management in order to achieve optimum production performance.

We support you in the development and optimisation of your procurement processes, for example with regard to the topics of competitive security, development partnerships, supplier typing, flexibility and security in purchasing planning, single/dual/multi-sourcing. To this end, we use methods individually tailored to your needs, such as value and cost analyses, open book calculation, quality audits and FMEA.

The term Lean Management describes the systematic examination of waste in all business processes and ideally in the sense of Supply Chain Management (integrative approach to the comprehensive planning and control of goods and information flows along the value chain from the procurement of raw materials through various stages of production and distribution to the delivery of the end products).

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