Human Resources Development

HR development through motivation and identification

Achieve high target acceptance

Entrepreneurs and managers shape a company just like its employees. Motivation and identification are an increasingly important factor for business success.

We at ProGemma help you with the sustainable training and qualification of specialists and executives. We use both tried and tested methods as well as innovative digital approaches (e.g. blended learning).

  • Qualification of specialists and managers in theory and practice at all levels.
  • Exciting, inspiring teaching of hard and soft skills through the use of innovative and sustainable learning methods.
  • High target acceptance at all levels by involving all actors in the necessary measures.
  • Human resources development as a central means of sustainable corporate development, including the establishment of a “learning organisation”.
  • Direct cost savings through more efficient training methods (blended learning) as well as indirect process improvements through optimised processes at the workplace.

Our trainers qualify your specialists and managers at all organisational levels.

The trainings usually take place in the company, sometimes directly at the place of action (shop floor). Processes, products and procedures are not dealt with in an abstract and theoretical manner, but rather tasks from practice are trained for practice.

Please contact us. Together with you we will define your individual training concept.

We are the specialists for everything to do with learning. The topic of e-learning has successfully established itself as an ideal supporting measure (means to an end) for solving strategic and operative tasks. The human factor comes first in all topics – people design processes.

Employees not only require a large amount of subject-specific information, but also, and in particular, increasingly cross-departmental and ever new non-subject information in order to master the challenges of our time. Topics such as IT security, data protection, EHS, compliance, digital transformation, more efficient working methods, etc. are just some of them. Fun in learning, combining knowledge and sustainability are the requirements for a learning programme in our time. The new information and communication technologies

The objectives of teambuilding must be directly related to the corporate objectives. Team development is not an end in itself and should not be carried out in isolation. We integrate team development individually into the company objectives.

Our team trainers come predominantly from competitive sports, where team cohesion is of essential importance.

In order to be able to successfully apply professional competence in everyday working life, effective and flexible methods are required. With our seminars for methodical competence we help you in various areas:

  • Introduction to the problem-solving process
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Creative techniques
  • Six-Sigma
  • Methods from the Toyota Production System

Our aim is to ensure that all employees are successfully integrated into the overall organisation. For various reasons, specialists and managers often require individual coaching by experienced personalities in order to be able to cope with the challenges that their activities in the specialist and/or management area bring with them.

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Our standard in-house trainings

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