HR Development

Our trainers qualify your professionals and managers at all organizational levels.

Trainings usually take place in the company, partly directly at the shop floor. Here, processes, products and procedures are not covered abstract and theoretical, but trained from practice for practice.

Please contact us. Together we determine your perfect individual training plan.

Project Management

In many companies, working in projects and in new project team is the day by day challenge. In theory, working in mixed project groups allows the use of synergy effects, providing the best results and most fastened problem solution.Unfortunately, the practice often looks different because many employees doesn’t have the basic knowledge and skills for project work.Budgets are not respected, deadlines are not met, and the whole project failed and never comes to a successful conclusion.

We provide you with the necessary knowledge in our seminars on project management, in order to plan your next project successfully and accomplish.

Management and Leadership Training

A variety of requirements are placed on executives. In addition to professional qualifications, they have to successfully balance between the professional challenge, responsibility and personal expectations. With our seminars and the development program for executives, we also support your management in such areas as:

  • Excellent processes through leadership and cultural change
  • Lean management for excellence
  • Effective communication
  • Time management
  • Delegate
  • Conflict resolution
  • Dealing with intercultural teams

Training of Methods

In order to be able to successfully apply professional competencies in professional life, effective and flexible methods can be used. With our seminars on methodological competence, we help you in various areas like:

  • Introduction to the problem solving process
  • Error, – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • creative techniques
  • Six Sigma
  • Methods from the Toyota production system


Team Building and Development

To form a functioning and well-trained team from individual employees,
a common understanding of tasks, methods and goals are essential. These stimulate a highly motivated team working successful together and achieve ambitious goals.

We offer exceptional team training and tailor-made workshops to promote cohesion and communication in new and existing teams and to open new perspectives, including:

  • sailing
  • Box coaching with Christoph Teege
  • In-house seminars


Instructors, trainers and coaches play an important role in the company. Their central task is to support employees, both professionally and personally, in a targeted and planned manner, so that they as a team can advance the entire company.

With our Train-the-Trainer approach, you create an important foundation for continuous and efficient personnel development, saving time and money! The focus is on the sustainability, feasibility and acceptance of knowledge and methods.

We provide you with knowledge on the following topics:

  • Goal-oriented seminar planning and preparation
  • Method and media use
    • Select the appropriate methods
    • Didactics and content distribution
    • Learning mechanisms and knowledge transfer
    • Control of the seminar
  • Control group processes
    • Motivation of the participants
    • Dealing with conflicts, disturbances and difficult participants
  • Your personal impact as a coach
    • Rhetoric
    • Body language


ProGemma’s training concept is based on decades of experience in adult education. Change processes in the development of employees are closely interwoven with the topics of knowledge management and pedagogy. Depending on the needs of the company (further development of individuals, training in small groups, duration, time, location and budget), we combine, for example, Workshops and seminars with the possibilities offered by e-learning.

Together with our partner Coursepath, we offer you the infrastructure for a modern, digital learning platform that reflects flexibility and the spirit of the times. It is important to us that e-learning supports your processes in a targeted manner. In addition to the advantages of flexibility (site, time and device-independent use), e-learning increases the motivation of the employees by means of playful learning elements. Learning progress and results can be sensibly tracked in a reporting.

Corporate Health Management

In times of increasing workload and high downtime due to the physical consequences of stress, lack of exercise and poor diet successful, tailored to your company corporate health management (CHM) is indispensable.
In cooperation with the BKK Gildemeister Seidensticker encourage and support you in the development and implementation of a CHM-concept for the promotion of health awareness of your employees with:

  • Exercise and nutrition services
  • Individual training and seminars on various health topics
  • Analytical instruments
  • Specialized consulting and process support