For your success

We differ significantly from conventional consulting approaches. We combine strategy, tactics and operations in every situation. We work in a solution-oriented, partnership-oriented and situation-oriented manner.

We recognize the causes even in very complex contexts, thanks to our fast perception and high method competency across all industries, already within an initial analysis.
We bring things to the point – honestly, directly and solution-oriented.
We are very effective, words are immediately transformed into action.
We do not produce losers, but develop a participatory culture and encourage employees.
We think in holistic processes and place employees where the benefits for the company are greatest.
Our consulting fee often pays for itself after 6 – 12 months.
In addition to the short-term, profit-oriented successes, the sustainability of the measures is also important for a long-term oriented increase in profitability as well as the establishment and maintenance of a positive motivating corporate culture.

Comparison of the consulting approaches: ProGemma versus traditional consulting approach


There are two types of projects: That one with the focus on analysis and conception, the other is the implementation in practice. Implementation takes the largest share of the project. The analysis is shortened by the fact that many problems are solved iteratively together with the employees within the company.

Calculation of the target acceptance with the ProGemma Performance Indicator System (PIS)


The experts at ProGemma have developed a procedure over the last 25 years to identify the target acceptance of the specialists and executives in a company. This is the basis for mutual success. ProGemma therefore guarantees that the commonly agreed targets will be implemented and achieved.