Communication at all levels

Internal, external, verbal and non-verbal communication

We already support many of our customers with commitment and professional know-how in the field of corporate communications. It is important to communicate as directly and quickly as possible. We offer various workshops on topics such as body language training and presentation techniques.

Our team for visual communication supports you with prepared graphics and videos, posters and flyers, because pictures often say more than a thousand words.

  • Optimal internal communication between all participants in the company (intranet, e-mail traffic, document traffic, etc.)
  • External communication between the company and customers, suppliers etc.
  • Smooth operational processes through clear communication channels, precise task distribution and thus clear responsibilities.
  • The creation of a good corporate culture.
  • Structured meetings and presentations of interim results.
  • Visual preparation of all kinds of information and advertising material.

Corporate communications comprise both internal and external communication. How is your company perceived? How do you communicate with your employees? The possibilities of corporate communication are manifold. Depending on the size of your company and your customers, you need to develop good and consistent corporate communications with the appropriate tools.

We at ProGemma help you with the development and implementation, as well as with the improvement of existing models.

It depends on how you enter the room. A person’s body language says much more than you might think. Body language can also be used specifically to achieve your goals.

We at ProGemma would like to show you the possibilities and also the pitfalls of body language in an interesting workshop. Reach your goals upright and always with a smile on your face.

Our visual communication team accompanies all our workshops, trainings and presentations with graphic elaborations. We are also happy to support you with our expertise during ongoing projects.

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Internal corporate communication is rounded off by the collection and analysis of knowledge. Because the greatest knowledge potential lies dormant in your employees.

We at ProGemma develop and implement a knowledge database in your company.

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