“With great commitment to new approaches.”

Friedrichs druck + verpackung GmbH

“With great commitment to new approaches.”

1 year on the recommendation of the bank


  • Overall project management for restructuring and interim management (Chairman)
  • Creation restructuring plan with all stakeholders
  • Advice, training, project management
  • Motivation of the workers and employees
  • New customer acquisition
  • New market launch with innovative ideas


  • Creation of order centers with significantly shorter processing times (merging of areas: sales department, costing, product development, project management, production scheduling and quality)
  • Significantly increase the efficiency of processes and productivity of employees
  • Significant cost reduction (reduction of production costs)
  • Design of new printing presses
  • Changeover of the ink store (consignment warehouse)
  • Attracting high-performance employees in a difficult environment

Client: owner / family bank / insolvency administrator


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