“The holistic consulting has brought us to the fast lane.”

BALLY WULFF Games & Entertainment GmbH

“The holistic consulting has brought us to the fast lane.”


2 years


  • Reorganization of the sales devision
  • Coaching the sales representatives at all locations
  • Development of professional and managerial terms on leadership & management, problem-solving process and time management
  • Improving of internal and external communication
  • Development of a corporate image
  • Optimization of all primary business processes
  • Improvement of internal and external logistics


  • Complete implementation of the agreed measures to increase efficiency
  • Significant improvement in operating results in a difficult environment
  • Active involvement of all employees and situational coaching
  • No standard solutions but first-class, individual, elaborated solutions
  • Development of a mission statement and implementation of a company-owned song
  • Balance between consulting, training and coaching

Client: Wolfram Seifert, Managing Director, Schmidt Group

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