Partner Companies

ProGemma works with a number of renowned cooperation partners in the different areas of its service spectrum. As a generalist in overall project management, this gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with the right recommendation for individually tailored solutions using excellent products after a precise determination of their needs.

Project Management

Individual configuration, flexible modules and simple, intuitive operation are intended to keep the project manager and the team up to date at all times and provide a basis for decision-making in the success of the project. Whether intelligent sheets are used or a program is oriented towards the spreadsheet program EXCEL is certainly a matter of taste. We know the differences and support you in your choice.

Process Management

Are you looking for software that actively involves all parties in the process? A software that ensures simple and intuitive operation and also allows collaborative process modelling? Then we would be pleased to support you with our experience in selecting a software that combines documentation, analysis and discussion.

Knowledge Management – Communication – Social Intranet

A modern social intranet connects people, informs and creates transparency in processes. By choosing a platform tailored to your needs, you can communicate and exchange knowledge with your employees and external partners in an intuitive, simple and pragmatic way. Mobility and security play a significant role in this.


There are extremely many providers, especially in the field of e-learning. SaaS solutions prove to be independent and cost-effective (price-performance) products. The decisive factor is whether you want to create the training courses yourself within the company or whether you prefer to use external service providers. Interaction, liveliness, joy of learning and innovation are very clear criteria that stand for sustainability in your company.

Web & Apps

Together with our partners, we are happy to support you in the realisation of media projects around the internet and mobile workflow. Our partners are specialists in complex digital projects from corporate websites to the programming of mobile apps for customer-specific solutions.


With Serious Games, ProGemma supports its clients in the playful transfer of knowledge of technical and emotional company content. In and through the game, both personal and corporate development processes are advanced as effectively and sustainably as possible and common goals are achieved. Gamification, i.e. the use of game-based learning, can be applied in almost all areas of a company and in its various forms has long fulfilled an important function in the area of personnel development.