In the following, there are some pictures and impressions with our clients. We work cross-sectorally – and are always at the place of action.

Senior Consultant Dr. Ralf Tuminski is a real practitioner. He does not only deal with highly complex processes but also as a fundamental matter of course.

5S competition! First place for team HR – message fully understood – Which requirements are demanded for personnel development?

Martin Schmidt moderates a kick-off workshop after a review of the current situation with all managers vividly and interesting.

Problem-solving process or the 5S-program. Complex tasks are structured and comprehensibly evaluated.

Communication – a long-running issue. Junior Consultant Stefan Schmidt conveys the four-sides model in a project management workshop.

Shopfloor Management – basic work! Reduction of set-up times (SMED) of a large-scale plant. Objectives are developed by employees (20%).

Recognising maintenance problems together and practically with the team! Everybody is aware of his role in the team. The coaching is goal-oriented, based on partnership and situation-oriented.

Boxing coach Christoph Teege shows how easy it is to “drag somebody under”. It is much more difficult to develop employees and raising them up.

Music workshop with music producer Johan Daansen und singer Carry. They compose an own company song with the employees.

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