Insights: Starke Partner von ProGemma

Our claim to excellence is also expressed by our selection of renowned cooperation partners, which we call in as needed to complement us in order to jointly implement very ambitious projects.

Prof. Dr. Gunther Olesch was Managing Director of Phoenix Contact (>17,000 employees, approx. €2.4 billion turnover) for many years and responsible for Human Resources, Information Technology and Facility Management Engineering. Prof. Olesch has been named one of Germany’s most important human resources managers several times, and Phoenix Contact was named Germany’s best employer 12 times in various competitions under his responsibility. Now he acts as a top-level expert in the areas of vision, objectives and strategy.

The LEADERS ACADEMY takes a holistic look at leadership development with its 360 degree approach. Junge Wilde Academy promotes young talents and young executives with passion and youthful esprit.

With Römermann Rechtsanwälte AG, ProGemma has a strong partner in the field of national and international business consultancy and labour law.

In addition, we can draw on a powerful network of proven specialists and industry experts who provide temporary and individual support for our projects as needed.