Partner Companies

Partner Companies

Partner company viadesk GmbH

We are a certified partner company of viadesk GmbH.

Viadesk Social Intranet

A modern social intranet combines humans, information and processes. With the help of viadesk’s platform, employees can easily cummunicate, work together and share knowledge. The intranet is mobile, ensures privacy and security of all documents and personal data and can easily and flexibily be used/combined with other tools ans systems.

Coursepath E-Learning

Coursepath offers a digital learning management system providing the necessary flexibility and infrastructure for your own state-of-the-art online training in your company (location, time and device independent usage).

As a partner of Coursepath, ProGemma assists you in expanding the knowledge and skills of your employees continuously. Our trainings and workshops are complemented by offering target oriented e-learning.

Partner company Nordantech Solutions GmbH

We are a certified partner company of Nordantech Solutions GmbH.

Falcon project management

Falcon is Nordantech’s project management software for ambitious transformation projects in companies.

The tool improves the information flow, data consistence and communication within a project. Barriers of implementation and administrative complexity are low. A high transparency in the projects can be achieved for everybody being involved.

Partner company cybob communication GmbH

cybob communication GmbH

cybob communication GmbH is based in Osnabrück and realizes media projects concerning internet and mobile workflow.

cybob supports us in complex projects from the implementation and optimization of websites to the programming of mobile applications for customer-specific solutions.


Partner Signavio GmbH

Signavio GmbH

Our partner Signavio provides business process management software and is headed in Berlin and Silicon Valley. The online tool allows the transparent documentation of processes in a project, the company-wide securing and sharing of process knowledge, the automatisation of recurrent processes with workflows and the analysis of processes using real-time data for optimisations.

Partner Smartsheet Inc.

Smartsheet Inc.

Our Partner Smartsheet provides a project management tool that can be used by every department and project team. The uses ‘smart’ sheets remind users of spreadsheets which enables an intuitive user experience. We use smartsheet to foster collaboration and to increase real-time availability, transparency including dashboards and accountability in project work.