71. Entrepreneurs’ breakfast of the Weserbergland AG with ProGemma at Ring-Hotel “Der Waldkater”

Human resources as a motor for corporate success

ProGemma and Weserbergland AG

On February 27, 2020, Weserbergland AG and ProGemma hosted a entrepreneurial breakfast, which was attended by around 60 decision-makers and representatives from business and the public sector.

Weserbergland AG networks companies and organisations. It represents a strong economic area with 377,800 inhabitants on an area of 2165 km². We are a partner of Weserbergland AG and specialise in the areas of efficiency enhancement and personnel development.

ProGemma and Weserbergland AG take you into the world of efficiency improvement

“Storytelling in practice – an exclusive insight into how to achieve goals with agility and unusual consulting approaches”.

Why is it easier to increase efficiency by more than 20-30% than by only 3%? Why does the industry not play a major role!

Be inspired by a keynote speech on corporate strategy. The managing partner of ProGemma GmbH, Martin F. Schmidt, looks back on more than 25 years of experience in the areas of restructuring, reorganisation and best performance management with the short-term realization of considerable, sustainable savings potentials. The key to success is the human factor.